Intergenerational Center

4498457544_d0fee7bd11.jpgThe S. Mark Taper Intergenerational Center is an innovative concept: it is at the same time a place, a set of programs and a nexus of relationships between three generations.

Staffed by volunteers and professionals, the Center's activities include a host of services that have been established for the residents.

For the parents in Upward Bound's Family Place, these services (like the money management program that teaches financial management skills and enforces client savings) are essential if our clients are to break the cycle of homelessness, establish and maintain their self-sufficiency.

For seniors, the services involve everything that is needed to continue their independent living for as long as possible, while sustaining a good quality of life, recreational activities, mentoring opportunities (with the younger residents) and holiday parties.

We put special emphasis on the needs of the children in residence. We emphasize interdisciplinary activities that help mitigate the profound effects caused by the trauma of being homeless.

Our program includes after-school and evening recreational activities, computer classes, arts and crafts, health programs, field trips, camping, and other enrichment activities.   Because the academics of our formerly homeless children have suffered we have arranged for one-on-one academic tutoring using retired teachers from School on Wheels.